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This page serves as a repository of freely available mobile Apps, services and/or products related to Earth Observation data obtained by satellite, aerial, ground and marine payloads.

Products/Apps developed by Space Geomatica Ltd or SenseLab/TUC.

  • Google Earth Pass Locator for Satellite Altimetry Missions. This free product merges the .kml files of satellite altimetry missions’ ground tracks published here. Draw an area of interest (AOI) and visualize the altimetric missions and/or their field of view in your AOI vicinity. Download.
  • clip_image022Rescue-NET Emergency and collaborative team management using Earth Observation and crowd-sourced data developed by SenseLab/TUC. This free App is available here.

Third-party products/Apps

  •   centerGTPLogo    Geotechpedia, a single point of reference for geotechnical engineering.